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During vacuum hardening, material is heated in the absence of oxygen by convection in the medium of inert gas (N2) and / or heat radiation in the underpressure. Steel is hardened with a stream of nitrogen, whereby cooling rate can be determined by selecting the excess pressure. Depending on the workpiece shape it is possible also to choose the direction and time of nitrogen blowing. Optimization of time and steel temperature control are carried out during process with the use of pilot thermocouples which can be placed on a workpiece in the heating chamber. Steel that is heat treated in a vacuum furnace obtains the specified properties of strength and hardness throughout the entire cross-section, without surface decarburization. Austenitic grain is fine and it complies with international standards.

Suitable for all High Speed Steels e.g. M2, M42; a wide range of Tool Steels suc as D2, D3, A2, all “H” grade steels and other steels within this hardening range including many Stainless steels such as 420, 440B, 440C and 17/4PH.


  • Modern computer-controlled process regulation which ensures a high level of repeatability,
  • Steel is not carborized or decarburised,
  • Dimensional changes are minimal,
  • Optimal times of process,
  • Decorative effect (clean and bright surface)

Size Range

  • Max Width: 400mm
  • Max Depth: 830mm
  • Max Height: 280mm

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