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P/M offers designers and users a versatile and efficient method of producing parts and components. The process is versatile because it is applicable for simple as well as complex shapes, and a full range of chemical, physical and mechanical properties are achievable.

The process is efficient because it produces moderate to high volume net or near-net shapes, with almost no raw material loss, economically.

Powders can be alloyed to give tensile strengths from 310 MPa (15 tonnes PSI) to 900 MPa (60 tonnes PSI) after heat treatment. Components can be manufactured to give strength over twice that of wrought mild steel if necessary.

The P/M process offer the following advantages:

Process Unit Cost Material Cost Design Options Flexibility Volumes
P/M avg. low greatest avg. med-high
Machining n/a high high high low
Fineblank avg. low avg. low-avg. high
Metal Pressing high lowest avg. low highest
Forging high avg. avg. least high
Sand Cast low avg. high avg. low-med
Investment Cast avg. high high high low-high
Die CAst high low zinc/alum/nag high high

GTB Components regularly re-engineer parts never before made by the P/M process, and provide cost effective design solutions for production by powder metallurgy. This results in considerable savings to our customers and often an improvement in the performance of the product.

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