The management system established in Gt. B Components Ltd constitutes a statement of commitment to meeting customer requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements and the needs and expectations of other interested parties. Systems and procedures will be followed by all employees at all times to provide assurance that our products and service with meet expectations.

In support of pursuing our objectives (which focus on customer satisfaction and company efficiencies), the company maintains a quality management system to satisfy the international automotive standard IATF16949:2016.

We are committed to continuously improve our products, processes, effectiveness and efficiencies of systems, aiming to exceed the expectations of customers. We are committed to deliver defect free products on time, every time.

Quality objectives will be set by management at appropriate levels and communicated throughout the business; ensuring a clear understanding of what is required to fulfil customer needs.

Objectives will be regularly reviewed by management to maintain customer focus.

Finally, to ensure that the Company fully meets its policy objectives, the effectiveness of the management and operating system is subject to regular review by management.